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¡Our applied biomechanics to the Minimally Invasive Orthodontic System with Flow Jac System® Mini-Tubes is the key to achieving remarkable results! Enhance your orthodontic treatments with Flow Jac System®, an innovative system patented and certified with ICONTEC international quality standards, designed to deliver the best to your patients.

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Flow Jac System®

¡¡Minimally Invasive Orthodontic (MIO) System with Mini-Tubes!

Flow Jac System ® is the latest clinically proven fixed orthodontic system where wire arches persist, and the bracket is replaced by a Mini-Tube with a diameter less than one millimeter, functioning as a self-ligating system. Its minimally invasive design allows for Cleaner, Aesthetic, and more Comfortable Orthodontics.

¿The secret to success? We employ low forces with key sequential movements of In-Out, tip, and torque, applying simplified biomechanical concepts to address orthodontic challenges effectively.

The Success of Orthodontics with Mini-Tubes:

¡Discover How It Works!

Based on the biological principles of dental movement, Flow Jac System® was developed to benefit the patient throughout the treatment process, from addressing specific objectives to its completion. The recommendation for the system’s use by deflection and the reduced size of the Mini-Tube in its various forms enhance the individualization of each case, allowing for a faster, natural, and personalized finish.


The system is nearly imperceptible, comfortable, and highly aesthetic due to the Mini-Tube’s reduced size. Additionally, to adhere it to the tooth, it is coated with aesthetic resin matching the color of the teeth, further allowing the system to blend seamlessly.

¿Are you an orthodontist?

¡ Enhance your skills with our training!

Become a specialist in Minimally Invasive Orthodontics and transform your patients’ smiles! Discover how to handle different malocclusions, from mild to moderate crowding to mandibular deviations. Learn to correct the occlusal plane and stabilize the mandibular position using gentle forces and simplified biomechanical concepts that will enhance your practice.


Aim higher than the standard. Take a step forward and offer your patients an innovative alternative backed by the most advanced science and technology. ¡Certify yourself now and unlock the transformative power of Minimally Invasive Orthodontics with Flow Jac System®!

Empower your practice
with Flow Jac System®

With our advanced technique, you can achieve exceptional results without compromising comfort or effectiveness. ¡Join the bracketless orthodontic system with Mini-Tubes from Flow Jac System® and stand out as a leader in orthodontics!





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