Frequently Asked questions FAQ

Frequently Asked questions FAQ

The most frequent answers posed by users are offered here

What is the treatment process?

The Flow Jac System (FJS) treatment begins with an appointment to an orthodontist accredited in the system (Jacsista). The orthodontist will evaluate your case and then develop a treatment plan.

How to start the Flow Jac System (FJS) treatment?

You can find a certified orthodontist here.

Can any orthodontist perform treatments with the Flow Jac System (FJS)?

FJS treatments can only be performed by FJS certified orthodontists, for which the orthodontist must have completed their specific training.

Should I bring something to the consultation?

You can take your dental history and any questions you have.

What will they tell me in the consultation?

During the consultation, the orthodontist will discuss the objectives of the treatment, duration and costs involved.

How often will I have an appointment with the orthodontist?

Usually 1 appointment are scheduled every 8 weeks, with the aim of evaluating that the treatment is progressing according to the objective

How much does FJS treatment cost?

The cost of orthodontic treatment with FJS will depend on each case, the type of correction, complexity and duration of treatment. The FJS certified orthodontist will give you the value of the treatment after evaluating your case.

Does FJS work, is it safe?

More than 3000 people have used our system to transform their smiles, we have been making our patients happy for more than 15 years. FJS is minimally invasive, hygienic, aesthetic, zero
inflammations and greater tolerance.

How is the FJS treatment different from other options for aligning teeth?

Flow Jac System ® It is the latest clinically proven fixed orthodontic system where the archwires persist and the bracket is replaced by a Mini-Tube with a diameter of less than one millimeter, which functions as a self-ligating system, whose Minimally Invasive design allows for Cleaner orthodontics. , Aesthetic and Comfortable (MIO-CEC). Based on biological and biomechanical principles of tooth movement with mild and sequential forces healthier for bone tissue, it guarantees the patient high standards of comfort while correcting the position of the teeth during treatment.

After removing the braces, my teeth moved, can FJS correct this?

Of course, FJS can treat almost all dental alignment problems, from simple to complex.

What are the cases that can be treated?

Crowded teeth, overbite, crossbite, misaligned teeth, gaps, etc.

Are you approved by Invima?

FJS is approved by Invima, registration number 2020DM-0013490. We also have several patents both in Colombia and in the USA.

I have bridges or crowns, can I use the system?

It will depend on each case, your orthodontist will determine the situation. It is generally possible to use FJSwith crowns or bridges.

Flow Jac System how does it work?

It is the most efficient minimally invasive dental alternative (MIO) to conventional methods, braces. The Flow Jac respects the space that the bracket does not, promotes optimal muscle function, and facilitates some daily tasks such as communication or oral hygiene, which with other methods can be compromised.
The traditional bracket is replaced by a small tube of just one millimeter, similar in color to the tooth, so it goes almost completely unnoticed.