We are the creators of the first minimally invasive orthodontic system with the mini-tubes Flow Jac System.

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In 2007 Flow Jac System was born, as a revolutionary system that provides a less invasive and traumatic treatment for the patient.
The Flow Jac System mini-tubes are made of steel and meet all the requirements for safe use in humans, providing patients with a more aesthetic solution, easy to clean and without lip discomfort.

How does it work?

Based on the biological principles of dental movement, the Flow Jac System was developed, as a new fast-application orthodontic alternative, where the bracket is replaced by a mini-tube with a diameter of less than one millimeter.
The system is practically imperceptible thanks to its small size and to the fact that the tube is covered with a resin of the same color as the tooth.

Flow Jac System

Minimally Invasive Orthodontic System (OMI) with Mini-Tubes!

The Flow Jac System ® It is the latest clinically proven fixed orthodontic system where the arch wires persist and the bracket is replaced by a Mini-Tube with a diameter of less than one millimeter, which functions as a self-ligating system, whose minimally invasive design allows for cleaner orthodontics, better aesthetics, and more comfort (MIO-CEC).

Based on biological and biomechanical principles of tooth movement with mild and sequential forces healthier for bone tissue, it guarantees the patient high standards of comfort while correcting the position of the teeth during treatment

If you are an orthodontist, get trained with us.

Become certified in Minimally Invasive Orthodontics with mini tubes and offer an innovative alternative to your patients.

Learn about the management of dental gaps and malpositions within the framework of class I malocclusions, such as moderate crowding, basic and recurrent transverse problems, class II, class III, and functional mandibular deviations through correction of the occlusal plane and the consequent stabilization of the mandibular position. All this, considering the application of light forces for movement of torque, inclination, and rotation with simplified biomechanical concepts, with their respective biomechanics applied to the Minimally Invasive Orthodontic system with the Mini-Tubes Flow Jac System.
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Learn about the benefits and advantages of using the Flow Jac System




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