Quality Objectives

Quality Objectives

Quality Objectives

1. Generate customer service levels in line with requirements and needs.

• At FLOWJAC SYSTEM SAS, customer service will be monitored through the creation of satisfaction surveys.

2. Supply medical devices from the FLOW JAC SYSTEM orthodontic system, innovative and revolutionary, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the medical device.

• At FLOWJAC SYSTEM SAS, through the selection, evaluation, and reevaluation of suppliers, control of purchased products, and customer satisfaction surveys on the sold product.
• We have manufacturing processes for the orthodontic system with appropriate quality standards.
• Compliance with current legal requirements.

3. Have competent and committed human talent.

• FLOWJAC SYSTEM SAS will implement procedures for the selection, training, and evaluation of personnel.

4. Have adequate physical and technological resources.

• FLOWJAC SYSTEM SAS will conduct semiannual reviews to ensure the proper functioning of its infrastructure and technology.

5. Manage risk and continuously improve the Quality Management System.

• FLOWJAC SYSTEM SAS will conduct periodic reviews of the entire QMS to determine its proper functioning and identify improvement opportunities.

6. Maintain continuous managerial commitment and performance evaluation of processes.

• Management will conduct periodic reviews of the QMS to verify its proper functioning.

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