Before and after

Some of our patients’ results

Flow Jac System Orthodontics with Mini-Tubes.

Daniel Mauricio R.

Student | 9 years

Referral for possible brace.

daniel b Adaniel b D

Alexandra C.

Business administrator | 34 years

“I have lower crowding, I want them straight in the shortest possible time and not be noticed.”

alexandra Aalexandra D

Julián S.

Business administrator | 29 years

“My bottom teeth are quite crowded, one fang raised.”

julian S Ajulian S D

Josepha de A.

Home Manager | 62 years

Check for wear on the lower teeth.

josefa A Ajosefa A D

Juan David V.

Student | 14 years.

“I have crooked teeth and I want orthodontics without braces.”

juan david Ajuan david D

Juliana B.

University student | 18 years

Orthodontic assessment.

julian B Ajulian B B

Luz Mary P.

Business administrator | 37 years

Tendency to Class III with edge to edge bite.


Harold G.

Public Accountant | 40 years

“I want to close the small spaces that I have because of the loss of some teeth”

harol G Aharol G D

María Lucía J.

Student | 13 years

“My lower teeth are very crooked, my fangs are very high, I bite badly, they are very protruding, I want orthodontics without braces”

maria lucia j Amaria lucia j D

Valentina S.

Student | 13 years

“I had orthodontic treatment with braces a year and a half ago, I lived in Pasto and now that I moved out of town, I need to resume my orthodontics, now with Flow”

Valentina s AValentina s D

Carlos Q.

Medical student | 21 years

“I want to straighten my teeth, especially the bottom ones which are very

carlo Q Acarlo Q D
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